The benefits to practicing yoga are endless, including the improvement of your circulatory health, flexibility, spiritual alignment, and relationship to nature, just to name a few. Unfortunately, yoga’s many benefits are completely undermined by the harmful chemicals, odors, and plastics that are present within the typical yoga mat. Seeing this as a call to action, mountain yogi and chiropractic physician Sara O’Connell founded MamaRoo Yoga with the mission to design premium yoga mats and mists made of all-natural materials. Each all-natural yoga mat is manufactured using comfortable microfiber and natural tree-rubber that offers superior gripping even when wet with moisture. This makes our mats the perfect partner to our meditation mists, natural blends of essentials oils that promote relaxation and focus when sprayed on your mat or around your yoga habitat. All of our premium yoga mats and mists are 100% free of harmful plastics, chemicals, and odors, so your yoga sessions are guaranteed to be safe, soothing, and satisfying. Because taking care of the body and taking care of the environment go hand-and-hand, we also pledge to plant one tree for the sale of every premium yoga mat and mists. Explore our line of all-natural yoga mats and mists today for toxin-free solutions for free-spirited yogis.

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