4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body, Mind and Soul

April 03, 2018

4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body, Mind and Soul

It’s that time of year where fresh air moves in and brings colorful life back into the natural world.

Since we, as human beings, are intimately connected to the workings of nature, this season also brings many people a renewed sense of being.

In the way a good morning ritual can set your day off on the right foot, a spring detox routine can also help you reestablish your intentions and motivate you to take action towards the things you want to manifest in your life.

Bulbs coming up in Spring
In Spring, nature begins to come back to life ferociously from the inside out. You can also greatly benefit from caring for yourself during this time by focusing on your inner self care and watching that inner focus translate to more inspired external environments.  

1. Get your body moving

If you have been a hibernating bear (and let’s be honest, that’s most of us in cooler climates) your body is probably screaming for more activity.

Take advantage of the warming temperatures and the extra hours of daylight to begin to get your energy flowing and to shift some of the toxins out of your system.

This is a time of shedding what no longer works for you in order to make space for the things that do.

Think of working out, whether that be a yoga class or a walk around the block, as a way of letting go of the past few months so that you can move eagerly into this new season.

Quick tips for getting moving:

  • Bring comfy shoes to work and take a lunchtime walk around the block
  • Meet friends for active dates, like jogging at the park or a weekly yoga class
Fun with a friend on the swings at park

2. Eat for vitality

Take some time to reflect on the foods you have been consuming. It is common to eat heavier or more processed foods during the cooler months. If you struggle with seasonal affective disorder like many people, comfort eating may come into play as well when wintertime feels heavy.

There is no need to judge yourself for any habits that have collected over the past few months. Rather, use this time to allow yourself to become aware of what those habits are and whether they are serving you or not.

Remember, spring is a literal and symbolic fresh start. This is the perfect time to let some of the more toxic foods in your diet go in order to replace them with all the fresh foods that are to come in these warmer months!

Quick tips to eat for vitality:

  • Eat more greens rich in fiber to help your system eliminate toxins
  • Pick colorful foods that are as close to their whole, natural form as possible
Fresh tomatoes and food at farmers market

3. Wake up your mind

Just as important as your physical wellbeing, is your mental wellbeing.

To wake up your mind and encourage it to be active and inspired, pick up a few physical books to learn about something new.

Reading an actual book allows you to separate yourself from screens which can drain you.

Studies show that people spend substantially more time on their devices during the winter months. This makes sense since the days are shorter and we are often limited in how much time we can spend outside.

To detox from technology and breathe fresh air at the same time (double goodness for your body + soul!), consider grabbing your book and a blanket, and finding a warm spot of sunshine to read outdoors.

Quick tips for waking up your mind:

  • Visit your local library to pick up a few books on a topic you’re interested in knowing more about
  • If you don’t have time to read a book right now, find a few podcasts you can listen to while driving or doing other tasks
Listening to a podcast outside on yoga mat

4. Don’t forget the best tip of all: Make it fun!

Let this season be a time of rediscovery.

Allow yourself to observe the natural world as it wakes up and see how you may mirror this process.

Choosing to live from a place of delight will help you to embrace all that life has to offer and move forward with a grateful heart.

Happy Spring!

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