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4 Soulful Podcasts for an Enriched Life

4 Soulful Podcasts for an Enriched Life

Podcasts are shining stars for fast-paced lives because they can move and multitask with you. Because let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to sit and read a physical book on every topic we want to learn more about.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, self development can get shoved to the back burner. This is when podcasts step up to the plate. You can listen while you are showering, driving, walking, and so much more. They are a great way to invite more self growth into your life, as well as to connect with the stories of others.

We want to share a few of our favorite podcasts hosted by women with topics to empower women. From personal development, spiritual guidance, captivating storytelling, and tips for everyday living, these podcasts will give you the support you need to find more magic in your life.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Magic Lesssons with Elizabeth Gilbert PodcastFrom the best selling author of Eat, Pray, Love came the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. After publishing Big Magic (which you should definitely read or listen to on audiobook), Gilbert realized she wanted to explore the topic of creativity deeper, and the podcast,  Magic Lessons, was born.

In Magic LessonsGilbert explores what it means to live a creative life and work alongside your fear. She opens up these topics by talking to real-life women, sharing her own stories, and having discussions with inspired guests like author, Brené Brown.

Magic lessons will remind you of your own potential and gift you with inspiration to dive deep and find out what magic is hidden within.  

Your Own Magic

Your Own Magic PodcastAllie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra are yogis, instagram influencers, and seekers who met, moved to Hawaii together, and decided to share their personal spiritual journey with all who care to listen through their new podcast, Your Own Magic.

They invite in visionaries, creatives, and spiritual leaders to discuss different ways of seeing the world and share tips + tricks for “unleashing your own magic.”

This podcast feels like sitting with a dear friend, while mugs of teas warm your hands and you navigate casually between soul-questioning conversations and bouts of laughter.


On Being with Krista Tippett

On Being PodcastKrista Tippett is a journalist and author who grew up in a small town church community, but was filled with a desire to question social norms and take on big topics. She has created a public radio masterpiece in On Beingwhich could be called the big sister of Your Own Magic.

Tippett hosts scientists, theologians, artists, and teachers from all backgrounds to tackle the big questions around the meanings of life and what it means to be human.

This one is can be a bit heavier, but delivers on soul-enriching moments and life-expanding knowledge.  

The Lively Show

The Lively Show PodcastIf intentional living is your jam, The Lively Show is for you. Jess Lively dives deep into topics on living a life that aligns with your values. She doesn’t just talk about these topics, she lives them (through a super interesting nomadic lifestyle which she shares about often!) and invites you along to learn from her journey.

This podcast goes deep into the the law of attraction, and other topics that are often classified as “woo woo,” but she does so in an accessible way that gives food for thought even for the skeptics.

Jess is engaging and energetic with a lot of tips on how to find your best life. There is no doubting that she is authentic in her journey and pours a lot of heart and soul into the rich content she provides through her podcasts.  

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