The Top 5 Meditation Tips for Everyone

March 20, 2018

The Top 5 Meditation Tips for Everyone

We believe the best thing about meditation is that it can be for everyone. There are as many different ways to go about creating your own practice as there are hairs on your head. We know it sounds intimidating, like so many things are until you find what works best for you, but we think it’s worth wading through the discomfort to find some more zen.

If you can allow yourself to approach this practice with an open mind and drop what you think meditation is, you may just be surprised to find what a beautiful, unique practice you can create for yourself that will feel like your own personal retreat.

We are sharing five of our favorite meditation tips to kick your butt into exploration gear.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to cultivate more calm, awareness, and joy. All things of which we think you're so deserving of!

If you want to learn more about how to create a mindfulness meditation practice and try out a simple breath meditation, check out our 1 Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere. Or if you would like us to guide you through a mountain meditation, grab the audio below.  

1. Find accountability

Getting a friend to join you on your meditation journey will help you to show up for your meditation practice, AND it will gift your friend with their own dose of deserved calm.

It is fun to have accountability because you get to talk through your excitements, fears, concerns, as well as encourage one another when you may otherwise give yourselves a free pass to skip.

Trust us, if you don’t have accountability, when it’s 6am and your alarm goes off ten minutes early for your meditation practice, you are going to want to hit snooze and go back to the snores.

Knowing someone else is out there showing up for their practice alongside you is a great motivator!

Couples Meditation

2. Get your zen on in the morning

We know, we know. Sleep is important. We think a good night’s rest is the holy grail of self-care, so if you tackle a meditation practice in the morning, try to get in bed just a bit earlier the night before.

There is something magical about morning time. It feels like a fresh start. As the sun rises, instead of finding distractions, invite yourself to use this time full of possibilities to set your intention for the day with a meditation practice.

Finding stillness first thing in the morning will allow you to set the direction for your day by noticing how you are feeling and tapping into what you want to do with the next 12 hours or so that you are awake. By creating a baseline of calm first thing, you are allowing yourself to come back to this stillness throughout your day when you are feeling, well, not so calm.

Woman meditating outside

3. Wiggle before you sit

It can be really hard to sit still when your body just wants to move and stretch.

If you wake up stiff, like most people, giving yourself 5-10 minutes to do some gentle stretching will help set your sitting practice up for success.

We are all about supporting ourselves for a good outcome. Having an expectation that you need to sit for ten minutes with an unhappy spine doesn’t sound like a good time to us! 

Our heart opening yoga practice is a great way to get started and get your blood flowing.

Cow Pose

4. Create a sacred environment

Taking the time beforehand to set up a space that feels safe and inspiring can help you to want to show up.

If you can find a small corner in your home to set aside just for your meditation practice, it will feel like a calm haven. Find a special pillow or chair to sit on. Even letting yourself decorate with a few favorite items that hold significance for you can help draw you to this space.

A few of our favorite additions are toxin free candles, sage for burning, crystals, plants, essential oils and favorite spiritual books.

Crystals and song bowl for meditation

5. Give yourself grace

Here’s the deal. Meditation isn’t linear. It does not have a promised outcome, and it isn’t about achieving a result.

If you are not used to stillness, and even if you are, meditation can be a slow practice that can even feel painful at times.

In some ways, it is a reclamation of your concentration in a modern world where most people are giving away their focus to something new every other second. You don’t sit down to a practice that requires concentration and have it always feel smooth after spending years upon years of not focusing. It is okay.

Give yourself grace and room for it to be imperfect. Understand that some days you will feel like you are a spiritual unicorn and some days you will feel like you are stumbling around in the dark.

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