Balancing Both Your Feminine and Masculine Energy

August 07, 2018

Balancing Both Your Feminine and Masculine Energy

As women, we can get mixed messages about where our “place” in the world is. Often society says that women are supposed to be the nurturers, but also demeans women for being too soft or fragile.

Men deal with just as many confusing messages about needing to be tough and never vulnerable.

These limiting ideals were born of a misunderstanding in how our energy body works. Understanding that there are dual energies that drive our lives, which are not dependent on our gender, is vital for finding our place in this world and learning to stand our ground regardless of what outside influences are telling us to be.

We all hold both feminine and masculine energy within us. The yin and yang in Chinese philosophy illustrates this idea of dual energies that dance together and compliment one another when balanced properly.

Woman and man balancing energies on a railroad track

Feminine energy is associated with wanting to take care of others. It also fuels intuitive living and inspiration. Those who embrace their feminine energy feel comfortable going with the flow, enjoy movement, and have desire to celebrate life.

Conversely, masculine energy is responsible for strength, courage, and analytical reasoning. It often operates on a more linear plane and sees the world as an intellectual pursuit of winning or losing.  

Feminine vs. Masculine

Feminine Energy: Masculine Energy:
Intuition Strength
Creativity Control
Emotions Planning
Compassion Analytical


As you can see, both of these energies are wildly powerful and supportive in living a balanced and full life, but when out of balance these energies can create extremes that are harmful to an individual and those around them.

Someone who is out of balance with too much feminine energy and a denial of the value of the masculine energy will likely struggle with boundaries and giving away too much of themselves. They will often feel stressed and disconnected from the love they desire. In doing so, they cause themselves harm.

The reverse - a person with too much masculine energy and too little feminine - will often harm others because they are not in touch with their potential for compassion and nurturing.

Realizing that we are not whole until we embrace both aspects of ourselves will allow us to live fuller and richer lives.

Embracing Your Feminine and Masculine Energy- woman in downward dog yoga pose

The first step towards finding balance is to become aware that there are these two energies.

The second step is to live in this awareness of these energies and actively seek to balance them when you find you are inflicting harm to yourself or those around you.

When both energies are at play, we are dynamic creative creatures who are resilient, supportive, loving, strong, and soft.

Balancing your feminine and masculine energy graphic

To increase feminine energy:

Feminine Energy- Mom and daughter painting

Create something (feminine).

Scheduling regular times for a creative practice will give your feminine energy a place to play and express what you’re feeling.

Paint a picture. Knit a scarf. Play an instrument. Tap into the creative energy that is all feminine and allow it to flow freely.

Move your body (feminine).

Whether it is yoga, dance, going for a walk, or another movement routine, allowing your body to move freely will cultivate your feminine desire to go with the flow and bring about inspiration.

Imagining that you are moving like the ocean or the wind will connect you to the natural feminine energy that nature embodies.

To increase masculine energy:

Masculine energy- reading a nonfiction book

Set weekly goals and create action steps to reach your goals (masculine).

Doing so will bring out your competitive side and help you follow through on the creative dreams your feminine energy inspires.

If you find it difficult to follow through on goals, choose a reward that you will get when you complete the task.

Read a nonfiction book or listen to a self help podcast (masculine).

Allowing yourself to feed your mind encourages your masculine energy to feel empowered and in control.

Like making weekly goals, this will provide the legs to the heartfelt desires you have for your life, allowing you to live both from the mind and the heart.

To observe both energies:

Balance both feminine and masculine energy- walk barefoot in nature

Step into nature often (masculine & feminine).

When observing nature we see examples of both the masculine and the feminine.

The feeling of grounding that comes from placing one's feet on the ground cultivates a sense of strength and control.

Elements like the cool breeze on a fall day moving through delicate blades of grass resemble our feminine abilities to go with the flow and allow inspiration to arise.


Cairn formation energy and rock balance

There is no perfect balance.

We find healing through allowing all parts of ourselves to flow freely. For most of us, this is a process and a life-long journey.

We are always moving and shifting in order to find what works best for our unique selves. Reminding ourselves that these dual energies exist and assessing often how we are feeling will allow us to implement practices like the ones listed above to boost the energy that we may be lacking at any given time.

This energy awareness practice invites us to slow down, notice how we are feeling, and use our own awareness to bring about our own healing.

Embracing your feminine and masculine energy- woman sitting on yoga mat

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