5 Free Yoga Videos You Can Do At Home

November 05, 2018

5 Free Yoga Videos You Can Do At Home

Often what keeps us from stepping on our mat is not knowing what to do and not having time to drive to a class.

Luckily, there are so many good resources online to help when we need to get in a quick home practice. Thanks to these resources, there is no excuse for not jumping on your mat for a few minutes each day.

Since there are so many yoga video options on youtube, we have made it even easier for you to get moving by sharing a few of our favorite videos below!

YouTube Yoga Videos

1. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene is the largest yoga youtube with over three million subscribers, and with good reason. Adriene is funny, relatable, and easy to follow.

If you are a beginner, starting with herYoga Beginners flow will help you to learn the basics at a slower pace.

Adriene doesn’t just offer beginner’s yoga though. She has hundreds of videos with something for just about everyone, even offerings for specific groups of people, likeYoga For Skaters andChair Yoga (for those who struggle with mobility or anyone just looking for a great gentle practice).

Favorite video: Yoga At Your Desk

It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but we love this one because, let’s be honest, we all sit too much.

Focused on opening the heart, chest, shoulders, and neck, this video will help you to feel more open and release tension that accumulates in those areas from being hunched over a desk.

The best part? It’s just so darn simple, and sometimes that is exactly what we need to get it done.

  5 Free Yoga Videos To Do At Home PIN

2. Yoga By Candace

Candace is an international yoga teacher with a calming voice and knowledgeable teaching style.

You can expect to find both challenge and peace when practicing with her. She is passionate about helping people and it shows in her videos.

Favorite Video:30 Minute Power Yoga Flow

30 Minute Power Yoga Flow is a more challenging flow with less cueing which is perfect for those who have an established practice and want more space to move and breathe in their own way.

Sometimes we just need to get in a sweaty, challenging practice to wake us back up throughout the day. This practice will do just that!

3. Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a yoga channel which combines the beauty of travel and yoga.

The hosts, Juliana & Mark, travel the world and film yoga practices in exotic locations which help you to unwind and feel like you are also on a tropical vacation.

Juliana does a great job of switching from calm and restorative classes to strengthening flows that will kick your butt.

This channel has a great variety of classes for when you are needing something different.

Favorite Video: Relaxing Yoga For Peace

We are all about yoga which helps us to unwind and sleep better and this video does just that.

Try it out before you hop into bed and see if you don’t feel much more relaxed and ready to drift right away.

Yoga for better sleep

4. The Journey Junkie

If tropical locations and challenging flows are your things, you will love AllieVan Fossen, otherwise known asThe Journey Junkie.

Allie teaches a strong yoga practice with an emphasis on helping you live intentionally.

She explains postures in depth and moves at a pace which everyone can keep up with. Her promise is that you will cultivate strength both on and off your mat.

Favorite Video:Morning Yoga Practice: Wake Up And Get Energized

This is a great practice if you just have fifteen minutes to find some grounding and movement before a busy day.

Starting with some mindful stillness and breathing before transitioning into gentle and energizing movements, this video really does offer everything you need to get your day started right.


5. Psyche Truth

Psyche Truth is a great resource for all things health and wellbeing.

You can find videos on meditation, how the body works, yoga, and so much more.

It’s a great channel to check out if you like to practice with different teachers and pick up new knowledge.

Favorite Video: Yin Yoga - Gentle Stretches To Nourish The Body & Reduce Joint Pain

Yin is the gentler, more restorative side of yoga which allows you to slow down so that you can get into the deeper tissues of the body.

A major bonus is that this practice is majorly relaxing.

This practice, led by Julia, is easy to follow and will leave you feeling calm.

Yoga, wellness and meditation


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