10 Morning Mantras for Inspiration & Intention

January 03, 2019

10 Morning Mantras for Inspiration & Intention

If you are looking to invite more intention into your day, morning mantras can be a tool which allows you to direct your energy towards the things which you would like to manifest.

Our mind is a powerful tool to help us navigate this life, but it can also be one of our greatest obstacles if we don’t know how to care for it.

We can easily get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to look for the positive, and without the positive, we can become downright bogged down in what feels heavy.

MamaRoo Yoga

Often the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling okay merely is in what we are choosing to focus on.

It is beneficial to practice our concentration by mindfully directing our thoughts in the direction we would like to go. This is where mantras come in.

What is a mantra?

I am Love Mantra

A mantra is a word or phrase which reminds us of what we would like to focus on and what we would like to manifest in our lives.

A mantra can simply be a word, such as “love,” or it can be a lengthier phrase or sentence which is more unique to what you need.

When choosing a word or phrase, look for something which you want more of in your life. For example, if you are struggling with loving yourself, a self-love mantra like “I am beautiful, strong, and worthy of love” will help to redirect your doubtful thoughts to a space of love.

Mantras are reminders of our higher selves and bring us back to the truths we hold within ourselves.

How to use a mantra

Mantras Childs Pose

Mantras can be used during a formal meditation practice or throughout your day as a gentle reminder.

Using a mantra is a practice in concentration which forces us to slow down and focus on the present moment, our breath, and allows us to harness our inner power to direct our energy in the direction we would like to go.

You can use your morning mantra as part of a seated meditation practice where you focus on your breath and repeating the mantra with each breath.

You can also make it a practice to say your mantra three times first thing in the morning and allow yourself to feel the power of the words.

If there is a better time for you to incorporate this practice into your morning routine, feel free to get creative.

It works anytime and anywhere. In the shower. In the car. On a walk.

Ten morning mantras to get you started

10 Morning Mantras for Inspiration and Intention
  1. Gratitude
    • I am grateful for all that I have been given.

  1. Self-love:
    • I am worthy and enough just as I am.

  1. Productivity:
    • My time is valuable and I use it wisely.

  1. Abundance:
    • Abundance flows to me.

  1. Clarity:
    • I have a vision for what I wish to do in life.

  1. Doubt:
    • I can and I will.

  1. Peace:
    • I am centered and balanced.

  1. Stress:
    • I choose calm over anxiety.

  1. Letting go:
    • I give up what is no longer serving me.

  1. Inner strength:
    • Everything I need is already within me.



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